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Jun 11th, 2021

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With the huge number of browsers currently out there, finding one that's perfectly adjusted to your specific needs can be complicated, especially when you take into account that nearly all of them focus on offering the same features of efficiency, security, and robustness. However, in the case of Vivaldi, it focuses mainly on making it easy to organize your work.

Vivaldi offers users not just the basic tools found on any browser, but also some extra options that will help you improve your productivity when working on your PC. The program thus adapts its tabs to the predominant color on every website, making it easier to switch between one and the other, especially when you have several windows open. It also lets you add notes to each tab, which are then automatically saved and display extra info on what you’re doing with the browser.

If you tend to open multiple tabs and the color guides don’t help much, Vivaldi also lets you create a single tab where you can add as many windows as you wish. Thus if you have several websites with a common theme to them and they're scattered throughout your browser, you can group them all into a single tab to avoid any future confusion. Another feature includes hiding a website's images, getting rid of all the stuff you're not interested in in a single click, and allowing you to focus exclusively on the text formatting.

When it comes to browsing speed, it’s very similar to the most popular browsers, so you won’t have any loading issues if you opt for this tool. You can also add and manage bookmarks, change the language, establish a default browser, or select a start page.
By Álvaro Toledo
Vivaldi browser hits its beta phase

Most of us never swerve from the same old, same old when it comes to choosing a desktop browser, but there are lots of alternatives beyond the inveterate Chrome and Firefox. The Vivaldi project is backed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, cofounder and CEO of the Opera browser, so its chops are in no doubt. Now, after more than two million downloads, four technical previews, and more than 50 public revisions, Vivaldi has finally reached its beta phase in its versions for Windows and Mac.
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Vivaldi, a web browser for advanced users

There are heaps of web browsers for desktop operating systems out there, but beyond aesthetics and light differences in terms of loading speed, they’re all very similar and offer practically the same features. Vivaldi aims to break this tedium with a browser reminiscent in its sobriety of old versions of Opera and including a series of features for the most experienced users. Its Technical Preview 4 has just come out and is completely stable, with most of its features fully functional.
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Vivaldi Technologies
Jun 11th, 2021

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4.0.2312.24 (64-bit) Jun 9th, 2021
3.8.2259.42 May 13th, 2021
3.8.2259.40 May 6th, 2021
3.8.2259.37 (64-bit) Apr 29th, 2021
3.7.2218.58 Apr 23th, 2021
3.7.2218.52 Apr 5th, 2021
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gentleredpartridge47490 icon
gentleredpartridge47490 10 months ago

m under test

amazingredcrab64992 icon
amazingredcrab64992 in 2019

it 's too good n

fantasticbrownmouse71331 icon
fantasticbrownmouse71331 in 2019

You can also use it on a netbook. It’s great w

kryoyito icon
kryoyito in 2018

[i] I tried it, I thought it had more interesting things, very simplistic. [/ i]

parkeur icon
parkeur in 2017

It is very well designed, I like the page load very much. In short, I like the whole design! It is very successful! Congratulations !!!

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