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With the enormous number of browsers available, finding one that adjusts to your specific needs can be complicated, especially considering that they all offer practically the same characteristics of efficiency, security, and performance. However, in the case of Vivaldi, the experience is focused mainly on helping you stay organized as you work.

Vivaldi offers you not only the basic tools of any browser, but it also offers some extra options that can help you improve your productivity when working on the computer. For example, the program adapts its tabs to the main color of each website, making it easier to switch between them, especially when you have a lot of different tabs open. You can also add notes to each tab that are automatically saved, and even attach files and screenshots to them.

If you tend to have multiple tabs open at the same time and the colors don't help you out, Vivaldi also lets you create a single tab where you can add all the windows you want. The interface is completely customizable and you can change the position of most of the elements in the tool. Plus, it integrates other interesting features like an internal instant messaging service and contact manager, a download manager, and a visual bookmark and favorites manager, where you can see thumbnails of each one of the pages from a pleasant menu system on the main page.

Its other strong point is the flexibility in control, since it lets you assign practically every basic browsing action to the keyboard shortcuts you want. You can also add mouse gestures for certain functions, so that, as mentioned earlier, the best part about using Vivaldi is that it serves in professional environments, or at least, for advanced users who need organizational features that go further than the typical browsers.
Vivaldi browser hits its beta phase

Most of us never swerve from the same old, same old when it comes to choosing a desktop browser, but there are lots of alternatives beyond the inveterate Chrome and Firefox. The Vivaldi project is backed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, cofounder and CEO of the Opera browser, so its chops are in no doubt. Now, after more than two million downloads, four technical previews, and more than 50 public revisions, Vivaldi has finally reached its beta phase in its versions for Windows and Mac.
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Vivaldi, a web browser for advanced users

There are heaps of web browsers for desktop operating systems out there, but beyond aesthetics and light differences in terms of loading speed, they’re all very similar and offer practically the same features. Vivaldi aims to break this tedium with a browser reminiscent in its sobriety of old versions of Opera and including a series of features for the most experienced users. Its Technical Preview 4 has just come out and is completely stable, with most of its features fully functional.
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